The farm

Our farm owns 20 hectares of land,  all around the house, with cultivations (wheat, sunflowers, barley), wood, meadows for pasture and hay, a vineyard and an olive grove.

The olive grove, together with our farming of Chianina oxen, is our pride: the farming actually characterizes the farm, our animals have been bred with passion and respect since their birth, they all have a family tree, they are registered according to international criteria (APA, ANABIC, 5R) and finally fed with healthy products.

In our olive grove, from November, we harvest olives, in order to produce the  famous Umbrian extravirgin olive oil, renowned for its flavor and delicacy, commonly used in our kitchen or sold directly to our guests.

Walking around our farm you can also see farmyard animals, like hens, chickens, rabbits and geese.

The history of Chianina

This ancient breed has been raised for over twenty-two centuries and is indigenous to Val di Chiana, the fertile plain in central Italy, located between the regions of Tuscany and Umbria, that gave this breed its name.

It then spread throughout all the provinces in Central Italy and, following World War II, it also crossed the ocean into South America, Australia, Canada and the United States.

The giant of the species, pure white and highly noble in its morphological perfection, Chianina has earned an international reputation thanks to a genetic heritage that is unique throughout the world.

Its characteristics of somatic gigantism, rapid growth and early maturity are combined with enormous resistance to harsh environmental conditions and great ease of calving, all of which represent zootechnical factors essential to the production of beef that is commercially superior since it is lean and offers excellent nutritional characteristics.

Put together, these characteristics have made Chianina one of the best beef cattle breeds in the world.

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Room of Casale dei Frontini

The rooms

The Casale dei Frontini has 5 double bedrooms with a private bath, bed linen, hairdryer, TV set and heating. Every room overlooks the surrounding landscape or the private garden.

 One of the apartments of the Casale

The apartments

The Casale dei Frontini has 3 apartments, each one with 2/4 beds. Every apartment offers ouble bedroom, bath, living room with kitchenette and fridge, tableware and cutlery, and a sofa-bed for 2 persons.

The dining room

The restaurant

Restaurant Casale dei Frontini in Frontignano, Todi. Traditional umbrian cuisine using products of the farm, like Chianina beef, olive oil, our sausages, salami or cheese.

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